Monday, June 25, 2007

A couple of quotable quotes

This one deserves to be engraved somewhere prominent:

"If something is fun, as someone else said, it is either immoral, expensive or fattening"

(P.G. Wodehouse in "The girl in blue")


This one cannot ever be erazed from my memory.

"How does a black buffalo eat green grass, have red blood and yet give white milk? That pa is the wonder of god"

(An old high school teacher of mine, and a constant source of rib-cracking amusement amongst us students).


Abi said...

Here's one more quote (similar to the one from Wodehouse): "A puritan is someone who's afraid that someone is having fun somewhere."

Sunil said...

heh.....and there certainly are waay too many puritans around, at least by that definition.

Anonymous said...

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