Thursday, January 18, 2007

Nothing like the sports page, and some great carnivals

For a sports fan, the Dallas Morning News is a great newspaper to read, with excellent coverage of football, basketball, baseball, (ice) hockey and golf. But the sports page also provides a wonderful insight in to Texas life, and unique Texas culture.

There is always some detailed coverage and entertaining articles on the Rodeos. But most interesting are the articles on fishing and hunting.

Yup, they are all on the sports page. Detailed articles on the spawning of bass, and the best time of the day to catch cod, or how the lakes filling up will attract a lot of ducks, so wake up early and head out with your duck-whistles and guns.

This might be the forth largest metropolitan area in the United States, but the outback west and Texas lifestyle remain strong, and everywhere.

And to make up for the limited science blogging on Balancing life, here are links to two great science carnivals.

Tangled bank is up at The Voltage gate, and there’s a new and very interesting carnival in town, called Four stone hearth. It’s a blog carnival on anthropology, the study of humankind from all time. The first edition is up at Aardvarchaeology.



Anonymous said...

the study of humankind very much insterting subject, so i love anthropology

blue dot green said...

Although I have never fancied Football, I enjoyed the rodeo articles in the local newspapers ....... how I miss my days in College Station!

Sunil said...

raghuram.....good for you.

Blue dot green....and aggie! But honestly, what do you miss in College Station? Texas Avenue and Walmart? :-)