Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Jesus camp

A little late, but I finally got to watch last year's exceptional film, Jesus Camp.

If a documentary film could ever be called "chilling", this would be it. If you haven't seen it, go get the DVD.

Till then, here's a trailer for you:


Anonymous said...

You're absolute right; this is perhaps the scariest film I've seen all year. If what's going on in the documentary isn't psychological child abuse, I'm not sure what is. It was interested to get a look at how weaselly Ted Haggard was before his scandal, however.

Sunil said...

laelaps....yup, I was sweating at the end of the movie. Hardly surprising how slimy Haggard was before his scandal. And these scandals come every few months (for these different leaders), but it hardly seems to affect the movement, or the "call of god".

Wavefunction said...

Painful. Essentially what the woman is saying is "Those morons in the Middle East, they teach their kids to chuck grenades and blow themselves up. Wait a minute...we can be better than them!! So let's outfanaticize them and become bigger morons ourselves!"

Sunil said... the movie. The trailer was very tame compared to a lot of stuff you'll see there.

Anonymous said...

the woman herself says that kids are the easiest to persuade. and that kids are the ones to be focusing on to convert into evangelism because they are so open. but what she really is saying is that they are too innocent and naive to think for themselves and thats how its easy to brainwash them. they have kids in this movie speaking in tounges and crying to end abortion. these kids don't know the half of abortion and SHOULDNT know the half of abortion. they use fear and guilt and get these kids to do what they want. for example, in the movie, becky fischer types a printout on the computer that says "punishment for sin is death" and then proceeds to highlight the word "death" and put it in a blood dripping font. i for one am not into religion and don't know the ups and downs of christianity but i know for a fact that Jesus would not look down on these people and think that what they are doing is right.