Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Help! Feeds messed up

For some reason, I was tinkering with the labels of my older posts, and that seems to have messed up my feeds on feedburner (and now a whole bunch of older posts are showing up as recent posts).

Does anyone, ANYONE, know how to fix this? If you have any ideas, please let me know.


Patrix said...

Hopefully this is one-time thing and readers can simply mark as "All read". BTW ugly template! Would be marginally better if you could make the background color of the header image same as the background color of the sidebars.

Abi said...

Relax. This is a feature, not a bug.

Whenever you change anything in your post (however old it may be), it is treated as an 'updated' entry, and the feed is *supposed* to alert the world about your new words of wisdom. That's its job, and that's what enables people to post updates (with new information, not just an added label ;-) on their original posts; otherwise, updates will have to be on separate posts so as to alert the readers about important new information.

"Supposed to" is the key phrase; there is an element of stochasticity in how the feeds treat updated posts (particularly old ones).

Bottomline: Don't worry, as soon as you are done with the labels, this problem will go away. And it's always nice to be *forced* to revisit some of your old -- and I should add, wonderful -- posts.

I have to second Patrix on the ugliness of your new template. Change it!

Sunil said...

thanks Abi, Patrix. I hope it'll all be good....it is annoying though.

As far as the template goes.....I'm not good with colors, so any help or suggestions (more specific) are really appreciated. I've made some changes though, and this one seems more simple and easier on the eye.

Sunil said...

this one meaning....i've gotten rid of the green ofcourse :-)

Anonymous said...

One more suggestion about your template...the header is too cluttered..too many fonts, too many objects. The links below the header are also incomplete.

I suggest going with one horizontal image or at least creating a nice collage of images (browse through Flickr tags (science, technology, biology, etc) and lay the transparent text of your title on the image. Also, a shorter title is better...I think "Thoughts, Observations, and Everything Scientific is a sub-title to the main title, Balancing Life, right?

Sunil said...

thanks 'much Patrix. All this is work in progress.....and I'll keep fiddling with it as time permits. I see what you're saying about the header, and agree completely.

Will slowly keep working on those....