Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Err, what? (a.k.a. "vote for me")

In news that is both flattering and a first step towards me ruling the world, it appears that this blog, Balancing Life, has been nominated under the best science/technology blog at indibloggies (though somehow my blog tagline, Everything Scientific, seems to have become the new blogname).

Amongst the other nominations in this category are a couple of blogs I always enjoy, Nonoscience and Sowmya.

I consider this to be a sign from the Pink Unicorn herself that it is time for me to start ruling the world, since I have no past history of winning elections (I couldn't even get elected as class monitor in 6th grade). Hence, this cannot be coincidental, but must be my time.

So, go vote for me here. (Apparently, there was a glitch in the sci/tech category, so you need to use this link to vote)

Vote for me!

If you don't....oh well, I guess I'll have to use plan B. I'll sulk by getting everyone I know to vote for the gawker, so that the millions of stunned fans of the phenominal Greatbong will hunt him down and destroy him. During the period of mayhem that results, I will rapidly make my move.

The world will be mine.


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