Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday silliness, and the mug

I have been tagged and the current meme is to put up a silly photograph of oneself.

I happen to be stupendously handsome, and a close-up or profile of myself is going to set a million hearts on fire. So, it is but prudent that I exhibit a more modest mug of myself.

And (grand drumroll) it is:

Yup, that's me.....standing forlornly, after getting completely and immovably stuck in the sand. I thought I was pretty hot on those dune buggy wheels, untill I got stuck. That flag came with the buggy, but appropriately indicates my distress.

It took three people to haul that buggy out of the sand, while I watched, grinning sheepishly.

I believe the idea is to tag five other bloggers. But I welcome all readers of this blog to spread such harmless and entertaining silliness, and post their mugs on their blogs (let me know, and I'll link back from here).

(Actually, now that I look at it carefully, that's a pic of a friend of mine who also came dune buggying with me, and also got stuck. Oh well....)


Anonymous said...

Irrespective of the incident, the whole sand buggy thingie must have been an exciting experience - it is certainly something on my to-do list.

Is the other person running to get help ?

Sunil said...

heh....the other person might actually be me, running to find other friends to pull the damn buggy out.

It was great fun though.......and an absolute must-do.