Monday, April 17, 2006

Passover humor

Wish you all a (belated) happy Tamizh new year, Vishu, Easter, passover, or what ever else your preference is. Normally, this blog doesn't rehash jokes, but I was at a friend's passover Seder this weekend, and there heard a rather good Jewish Bush joke, which I found hillarious. So here goes,

George W was at an airport, when suddenly he sees Moses standing in line. So W walks up to Moses and says,

"Hey, aren't you Moses?"

Moses stays silent, ignoring W.

So, Bush tries again. "Hello, aren't you Moses? What's up?"

Moses still remains silent.

W's now seething in anger, and confronts Moses. "Hey, I'm the president. Aren't you Moses? Why don't you say anything to me?"

Moses turns towards W exhasperated, and reluctantly replies, "the last time a bush talked to me, I had to cross the Red Sea and walk across the desert for 40 years!"

(Apologies if the joke isn't obvious. It requires some knowledge of the old testament.

Also, happy (belated) anniversary to Balancinglife.)


pippala leaf said...

Sunil..that was a good one. Happy anniversary! I take this opportunity to say that your blog is my all time favourite. You touch such a variety of topics and express them in a very beautiful way. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am sure I am not the only person who, at the begening of every week, eagerly looks for your next post. Thanks again.

Sunil said...

thanks Madhu. I'm glad you enjoy the blog, and i enjoy your comments here too.

Anonymous said...

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