Thursday, November 17, 2005

Evergreen fall

It's a popular misconception that the US Pacific Northwest does not have a "fall". That's because most of the trees here are evergreens (cedars and firs being the most common), and so don't have leaves changing color. But there are plenty of pockets of fall, where the colors are quite wonderful, and contrast well with evergreens around them. Fall lasts from mid-late September all through October.

Here's a small photoblog of fall in various stages, taken over the past couple of months.

That is a picture of one of the most well known bike trails around, the 60 mile odd Burkegilman trail, when fall was just beginning.

Here's a contrast of the evergreens, with some fall color on a tree.

This picture is one of my favorites, with the ivy turning red, some trees in fall color, and the evergreens around.

The ground beneath my feet.


Vikrum said...

Nice photos, Sunil. Makes me want to visit the NW one of these days.

Michael Higgins said...

Hi Sunil
Nice photos. Lots of pretty scenery in Washington state. Have you ever taken the Anacordes ferry over to Victoria. It goes by the Orcas islands and it is really nice.

Sunil said...'s a trip long overdue.

Michael.....yes, i've taken the anacortes ferry many times, but usually only to the San Juans (Orcas).....a fav. camping/retreat ground for me as well as my collegues. Doesn't get nicer.

Amrit....i think you said it right. Winter is here, and it's no fun :-(

Ravi said...

Hazards of living in the 'evergreen state' nobody takes our falls seriously!

Sunil said...

indeed mustang.....but we know better :-)