Sunday, November 27, 2005

55 again

The world was a difficult place. A mucus filled water world, shrouded in icy darkness. Perhaps it was all due to global warming. But the sun at noon would penetrate the darkness, and on clear nights, the stars would be beautiful.

There wasn’t much of a world for a frog in a well.


He’d been told to avoid the white man. Since they arrived his world had changed. Their rifles never missed, even from a 100 yards. He shouldn’t have strayed from his own, and approached the fort. But it was too late now. He had to die.


“We thank you lord for this thanksgiving turkey….”


Minal said...

Ever thought of starting up a separate blog just for your 55 fiction?:-) I think it will be worth it:-)

Anonymous said...

Sunil, ditto (to Minal)
brilliant stuff - frog in the well

Sunil said...

thanks Minal, Charu.

No....i don't think i can handle another blog! This one takes too much time in itself......though it's very rewarding. So....occational 55's will keep appearing on this blog itself...:-)

Anonymous said...

There's no argument that your 55-ers are great reads. I wonder, though, if its necessary to always mislead the reader in the beginning? (<-- note this is not a comment on your style, but a general question)

Sunil said...

no Nema........not at all.

I like twists in the tale, so use them in my microfiction, but any fiction is completely up to the person writing it. So, mislead if you want, or don't. Teri marzi.

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

Loved frog in the well.