Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Gloom, and blog love

”Officials blamed Katrina for at least 68 deaths, a toll that is certain to rise.” [link]

I, like many of us here, have been following the massive destruction trail of the hurricane, Katrina, that is on a rampage in Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi.

In spite of advance warnings (days in advance), evacuation signals, rescue teams, and major precautions, the destruction is sickening, and the most advanced economy in the world suffers just as badly.

Perhaps I’ve been much too hard on Indian rescue and relief efforts after the rains in Maharashtra, or the massive tsunami, or the “supercyclone” in Orissa a few years ago.

Katrina update: CNN's doing a great job covering the floods. The situation is bad, with hundreds feared dead, and massive looting to make things worse for the security and relief forces.


Here’s some positive stuff, to keep away the gloom.

That fine blog, Desipundit, asks us to spread some bloglove.

Desipundit is a fantastic effort, and every time a post of mine has been linked there, I’ve felt extremely honored and delighted.

It’s the must-stop-daily-blog, almost as important as the Sunday cup of spiced tea.


Kaps said...

Thanks for the nice words

Michael Higgins said...

Hi Sunil
I think it might be useful to compare the Mumbai flood and the flood in New Orleans. I read somewhere that power would be out for a month in New Orleans. I remember Indians were critical of their power company because it took them several weeks to restore power. Maybe that criticism was unjust.

gawker said...

I was always surprised at Indians instanteously blaming everything from bad drainage to politicians to whatever for the Bombay tragedy. But the fact is, 37 inches of rain in a day is gonna cause problems anywhere in the world, regardless of anything else. Heck, here in the US, if we have even 5 inches of rain in a day, the creeks and rivers start to overflow and submerge people's houses. I guess it was just a case of Blame India First by Indians themselves.

Sunil said...

you're welcome kaps. Keep up the good work.

Michael, yes, I think the criticism was unjust too. But one criticism was totally justified......the reaction and coverage of the Indian media. The coverage by the US media, however, has largely been excellent. A balance between sensationalism and real news and good stories.

Gawker....yes indeed. Don't deny that at all.......and Seattle itself gets less than 50 inches a year.....37 inches in a day is bound to cause havoc. But there was too much of a blame game going on then....

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