Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Blog day 2005

3108 This!

(Button from Blogday).

I’ll do my duty as a good blogger and spread the word. Today is Blogday 2005, and we’re to recommend five other blogs to readers. Here are five very nice blogs which I’ve chanced upon. The first three are very new blogs.

To each Its own

Yossarian lives

Granger Gab

One of my favorite blogs, which suddenly has gone silent Baghdad burning

One of the best science blogs out there Pharyngula

Have fun on Blogday.


Queasy Rider said...

Blog Day?!!! Like UN day, AIDS day, environment day etc etc? need to get real in blogosphere, is there?

- Nanda Kishore

Queasy Rider said...

btw, at first glance, thought that number was the number of hits ;) Seemed low for this blog!

Sunil said...

well....i didn't come up with the idea....i'm just a sheep.

But spreading some blog love can only be good, what?

Minal said...

Hey Sunil,
Thanks for the mention:-)
It's an honour coming from you:-))

Veena said...

Hey Sunil,

Thanks for the plug!

Anonymous said...

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