Saturday, August 27, 2005

Blog mela nominations please!

Blog mela nominations!

Yes, the next Blogmela is going to be right here, on Balancing Life. So don’t be shy, and nominate liberally. I’m looking forward to putting this together, as I’ll get to read some posts from a number of excellent blogs that I don’t normally get time to visit.

The rules are the usual:

  1. All nominated posts should be written between (and inclusive of) Friday, 26th August, and Thursday, 1st September.

  2. Go ahead and nominate your own posts, or interesting posts you’ve found, or posts by your pet parakeet…….ideally nominate posts with an Indic theme/ relevance to India, but this is a flexible rule.

  3. I will also include posts that I come across, if they fit in to the mela.

  4. I will try to include a majority of the posts nominated (unless it doesn’t fit with the theme/flow of the mela. This will NOT be a statement on the quality of that post).

  5. Please nominate in the comments section here. If you do need to email your nominations, send them to sunil{dot}laxman{at}gmail{dot}com.

  6. Posts nominated after midnight (PST) Thursday, 1st September won’t be accepted.

  7. The mela will be up some time on Saturday.


Nilu said...

I nominate my post The ex-boyfriend

Navin said...

I would like to nominate Impressions (young women) from the Deep Griha Blog.

Vikram said...

hmm not too many nominations? nevertheless here's mine:

Abhishek said...

I nominate my sorry effort at trying to defend rock lyrics followed by two poems/songs I wrote in high school influenced by the music here and here.

Anonymous said...

Rahul Bhatia's blog post on greenchannel on the perfect burger.....excellent!

Uma's post on Marine Drive in Mumbai on indianwriting....excellent too.

Amit said...

I nominate the first Indi Blog review of Patrix's blog Nerve Endings Firing Away on the Indi blog Review site at


Anonymous said...

Feel Like God - On Ads and Cricket


Say No to TV - Why not to buy a TV

Both from vivekspace


Anonymous said...

Sakshi's post on :

Australia - refuge island


when we fail to plan, we plan to fail

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

all the posts i would like to nominate fall just outside your limit :( but i wholeheartedly second nandu's nomination of rahul's post on burgers!

Anonymous said...

I nominate:

1. Six a year

2. The Missing Links

Anonymous said...

My post

Anonymous said...

Oops big mistake !

Here's my post :)

Anonymous said...

nominate :
Maternity Hospital Bribes -
Race & Katerine - two questions
Prufrock on Air Travel

self nominating
Our Flood, Their Flood

Anonymous said...

EVERYDAY is a Blog Day....not just Today !!

Michael Higgins said...

Hi Sunil:
Vikram's violence in the media
gaurav's ants
C-gawker's wannabes and
any anything by Sunil Laxman, all of his stuff is great.

gawker said...

Uh oh I better clean up my post a bit then.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunil,

Sorry for being late, but this post is very interesting.

Do include one of Michael's and GreatBong's posts.

Anonymous said...

And probably this?

ecophilo said...

Heres my post on "Dheeraj learns to work".
and a new blog from Richa who has written on Meryl, her dog.

Anonymous said...

sorry to be late. but am nominating all of Maitri's blog - - . she is a New Orleans blogger who has a continuos update on what is happening there.
most of it brings tears to your eyes.

read this one in particular -

Sunil said...

thanks for all the nominations.

The mela will be up soon.

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