Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Amar Mohile, the music/background score composer of the Ram Gopal Varma flick "Sarkar", please have mercy on us.

Instead of composing soundtracks for movies, why dont you go to the Rajajinagar (Bangalore) ISKON temple and chant "Govinda, govinda, govinda...." You might even get some blessings for that!

And speaking of gangsters, take a look at what this gangster has to say.

post script: Kay Kay is brilliant in Sarkar, and overshadows both the Big and the little B. Some potential here.


Anonymous said...


I liked the soundtrack though. And, the movie was a good copy of The Godfather. Kay Kay was definitely good, but B junior has gone a long way since Refugee.

In the theatre where I watched the movie, the subtitles wrote "Silver Mani" instead of "Selvar Mani"!

Sunil said...

actually.....it was Silver Mani!! (I think it was a nickname)..though now that you mention it, it could have been Selvar Mani.

I thought he was awesome also :-))

Ravi said...

errr... looks like everybody's beaten me in watching Sarkaar...n the more reviews I'm reading, think will wait for its cassette!

Anonymous said...

now, I *have* to watch sarkar. now. the two Bs and a bonus in the form of Kaykay - Ramu does it again?!

Sunil said...

The movie itself is pretty good..(not great, but good), and I think it's better than most movies currently playing...

Janaki said...

Actually, I thought Kay Kay was quite bad.. compared to some of his other performances. He has hammed quite a bit and could have done much better..in Sarkar ie.

Anonymous said...

hey, just to say i watched sarkar last night and liked it qiute a bit... though for me Abhishek was way ahead in the game - he rocked and rolled in the movie :)
and yes for the sound-track - it was too too loud at all times and unnecessarily govinda in some..

Sunil said...

Raam.......I liked the movie myself, very much. I just hated the soundtrack.

But it was very well Indianized. The small B walks around like someone who knows he's arrived....and he's great too. But I thought Kay Kay was the showstealer.

Anonymous said...

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