Saturday, June 04, 2005

Memorable bumper stickers

Quotable quotes I’ve seen on car bumper stickers (which were so good that I ACTUALLY REMEMBER WHERE I saw them).

“Everyone who is a wanderer is not lost” (my apartment parking lot).

“Boys are stupid. Throw rocks at them” (College Station, Texas).

“Gun control is not about guns, it’s about control”
(Washington State, on I-5).

“We are Microsoft Resistance is Futile. You will be assimilated” (Redmond, Washington, right near Microsoft building 32).

“My other car bumper sticker is funny”
(University of Washington, Seattle C-10 parking lot).

“My karma ran over your dogma” (College Station, Texas).

“There are two kinds of pedestrians….the quick and the dead”
(Manhattan, New York City).

“Computer literacy? You mean my computer can read?” (Urbana, Illinois).

“I may be slow, but I’m ahead of you” (seen on I-5, SR520 (both in Washington State), in Texas, AND in Illinois. This one is clearly a bestseller, and rightly so).

Do you remember any (do not google for them :-))?


Suhail said...

"This is my end, don't make it yours" - spotted on a green Gypsy, parked near my house in Bombay.

My vote for topmost spot goes to "other car bumper sticker....". Think about it. It beats all of em. It's like the game children's play."I am saying it thousand times".."OK, mine is +1 of whatever your number"

Good post :-)

Michael Higgins said...

Hi Sunil
Here's one I've seen often and is appropriate in any congested area: "If you're not the lead dog, the scenery never changes."

Anonymous said...

when I grow up, I want to be a porsche (ok, I haven't actually seen it but heard of it soooo often)

Sunil said...

that's a good one.....i want to be a toyota prius.

Anonymous said...

when I lose weight, I will become a Beetle.

-wandering surfer, perhaps lost.

Chipper said...

Too funny! I have enjoyed your blog immensely. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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