Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Graduate journal: I say, I mean...

I say: "I have a lot of work this week."
I mean: "I plan to start working this week"

I say: "I have a LOT of work today"
I mean: "I'm meeting my advisor today"

I say: "I don't have too much work today"
I mean: "I just met my advisor today"

I say: "Conference in December!"
I mean: "I need to start working in November"

I say: "Conference in Europe, need to work"
I mean: "Vacation in Europe, need to go"

I say: "My experiments suggest that under specific conditions this protein could cause.."
I mean: "My data is useless"

I say: "My advisor is a slave-driver"
I mean:"My advisor expects me to work 8 hours a day"

I say: "I'm going to graduate with my PhD"
I mean: "I'm going to graduate with my PhD some day"

I have a LOT of work today.


Soultan of Swing said...

good one..will add a few when and if I think up something...

Anonymous said...

couldn't agree more! you have a nice blog going.
i dropped in from a link on indiauncut. needless to say i shall be checking back on your blog.

Srikanth said...

'I say: "I'm going to graduate with my PhD"'
I just graduated! (though without a PhD) Yippee!

Anonymous said...

sure you have a LOT of work today - and what does that mean?!

Anonymous said...

you forgot when your advisor says, have you done that experiment. You say , oh the samples are in the freezer, but you mean damn I hoped he had forgotten that. I better do it before lab meeting:)