Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Cows: armed and dangerous!

For those who came in late, the cow (Bos taurus) is a fascinating, mostly humble, largely peaceful, four-chambered stomach possessing cud chewing member of the genus Bos that has captured the hearts and minds of humans. The ancients in the Indus valley, and in Egypt of Pharaohs loved cows. The Aryans gave gifts of cattle, and revered them. The Masai (to this day) live by their cattle. A simple google search reveals over 104000 hits for cow images alone! Gary Larson's made a fortune taking cows over to the Far Side, dairymen across the world, and humble cowherds (our own doodhwallahs) constantly dream cow, Macdonald (and Burger King, Hungry Jack, and the US of A) need cow to eat cow, and the VHP mostly talks bull. Most of the above seem to have become (a) extremely prosperous, or (b) modestly prosperous, or (c) earned a living, thanks to the magnanimity of this beast, and our own craving for its milk, meat, bone, hide, dung, urine or serum. (Fellow blogger Amit Varma may not have made a dime yet from cows, but given his fascination for them, its only a matter of time).

Never in the history of humanity has any animal served humans as much, and received so little. I’m just doing my bit to give them their due in appreciation.

Arise, cow! Challenge your destiny!

What's all this about, you ask? If you still haven’t seen the hilarious “Cows with guns”, you’ve led a deprived life. Take some time out and see it here. Here is another site with the same video. Needs flash.

I bow down in all humility to you, noble cow. Go cow go!

PS: I just saw the video, and it demanded a complete blog (and not just a link), hence this blog. Normalcy will resume in the next blog.


Suhail said...

tooo much !! :D

Anonymous said...

Between Varma and you, we might just have a revolution!

Srikanth said...

Hey, when did cows become "he"?