Thursday, May 10, 2007

A couple of announcements

I know that the frequency of my posts have decreased a bit, especially over the past couple of months. This is largely an effect of working longer hours in the evenings, followed by some intense basketball games, which leaves little energy to blog at night. However, I do try to maintain a frequency of a couple of posts a week, with at least one being more substantive. Anyway, this might continue for the next couple of months, where I will have one comprehensive post a week, with a couple of shorter ones thrown in for fun. So, I encourage you all to sign up for my feeds, which should tell you every time there is a new post. Or you could use the email subscription button on the right sidebar, and subscribe to posts from balancing life. The earlier glitches have been fixed, and it works quite well now, delivering the latest post to your email id. That way, you can always keep up with the latest on this blog, with little pain. Do come back to comment though, since the comments are usually great fun.


Now for a bit of news. Arunn at nonoscience has revived the blog carnival Panta rei, where all science flows. In its new avatar, Panta rei will not be just on fluid mechanics and thermodynamics (as it used to be), but will now have different editions for different topics, and will appear every other week. The first edition of the new Panta rei will be on May 14th, and will focus on chemical sciences. I think it is a great addition to the many great science carnivals (linked on the right sidebar), and I particularly hope to see more Indian science bloggers.

Go forth and participate.

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