Friday, November 03, 2006

Change in the air?

I thought things were changing when I read that people in the most unlikeliest of places, Texas, were lining up to buy hybrid cars like the Prius, and began to believe it when I started seeing them on the highways, cruising right next to your friendly neighborhood Hummer.

But you know there’s real change in the air when truck and car dealers start talking about gas mileage on TV ads.

Another two years of high gas prices, and our little stick-shift 40-mpg Honda Civic coupe may not feel as lonely on Texas roads, and Texans will be hopping in to their Civics and Toyotas and screaming down the highways.

Of course, if that really happens pigs will also have wings, and cows will start mooing “Texas, our Texas”.

(There will be some some “nice” science posts to look forward to for next week).


Sujatha Bagal said...

Yup, something is rotten in the state of car manufacturing if car ads start talking about mileage.

Is this post an indication that you've moved to Texas now?

Sunil said...

heh.....indeed, I'm in Texas now. I started off writing a post on leaving the pacific northwest, but I thought it was getting too maudlin, so stayed away from completing that post :-)

Anonymous said...

One of my profs.claimed that he owned the first Hybrid in the Brazos Valley. I am glad to see that his tribe is growing and I hope to add to it when I am able to. But the drop in gas prices doesn't help matters. We need consistent high gas prices over a long term to cause an effect.

On the other hand, I noticed an ad that said something on the lines of, if gas mileage was the only thing we looked for then we all will be driving scooters. So I someone still is resisting.

Sunil said...

heh.....but Patrix, it would be incorrect to compare scooters to cars. Apples....oranges :-)

Anyway...I support the high gas prices. People just might stop buying stupid trucks.