Monday, August 21, 2006

Land of the scientific mind (where science means miracle)

First we have droves of people in Mumbai, right by Mahim, going out to drink the miracle sea water that had turned sweet

“………………….Several people who drank the muddy water from the Arabian Sea said it had been changed by a miracle and could now cure illnesses……."This water is definitely sweet. We see it as a blessing from Baba (Holy Saint)," a man called Rafique told news agency AFP..”

All hail the holy saint. There was absolutely no chance that the torrential rains of the recent past, which left the Mithi river (amongst others) that dumps fresh (not clean) water in to the Mumbai bay by Mahim at spate had any thing to do with the miracle.

But shame, this was right by a Muslim dargah. When stupidity rules, the rest can’t be that far behind.

Here’s more now.

“………………The faithful continued to flock to temples since the morning as word got around of idols of Hindu deities drinking milk while scientists ascribed it to soaking of liquid by dry clay and some leaders on Monday asked people to use reason instead of going by superstition.
Long queues of men, women and children were seen in front of Durga, Shiva and Ganesha temples in several parts of Madhya Pradesh as people offered spoons full of milk to the idols. Many went there out of curiosity…….”

Great. No chance of course that the clay can even possibly absorb milk. Those fools shouting for logic and reason will rot in hell.

Now watch as some Christians come up with some miracles. There’ll be pigeons flying around with halos around them.

Truly we live in such scientific times.


Anonymous said...

it was scary watching parents letting children drink that sludge - completely grossing out.
And, when idiocy like this happens it does not get restricted to one community. At Mahim a number of Hindus' turned up to sample creek water - still awaiting similar'awe inspiring' reports on Kanpur and Calcutta !
We can truly say we are secular - we believe all religious superstitions without discrimination

Sunil said...

heh.....true secularism.

Perhaps now there will be miracles that the "sweet sea water" will cause devine Gasterenteritis....:-))

Swapna said...

It's sad that even in today's so-called enlightened society, people can believe in such things.

Sunil said...

hardly enlightened society shortage of b.s. all around.

oops...that should be gastroenteritis earlier ;-)

Anil Saldanha said...

It is not so much the stupidity but the side-effects the contaminated (maybe??) water can have on the people. Imagine long term side-effects that show over time.

Anonymous said...

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