Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bandyali school, and the Jaipur “Development” Authority

Digantar is an exceptional group based in Rajasthan, running some excellent schools that works with poor and underprivileged children. Digantar runs the Bandyali school in Jaipur. This school educates 324 childre, 201 of which are girls. All children are extremely poor, coming from mali or gujjar or muslim communities. The school was set up in 1992 by Digantar, with support from the Ministry of Human Resource Development. The location was decided after months of community meetings, as a place suitable for children to walk to from various hamlets. This school is an national example of how quality education can be delivered to even the poorest (where there are many obstacles to education, especially for girl children), reflecting the ideals of India’s Education Policy.

On 2nd December 2005, the Jaipur Development Authority has, in all it’s infinite wisdom, given the school a notice to evict in three days.

Yes, three days.

At a time when the Rajasthan chief minister is harping about the education of the girl child.

Here's the petition which you can support:
The petition to "Save Bandhyali School (Digantar, Jaipur)"
Please read and sign the petition at: http://new.PetitionOnline.com/Digantar/petition.html

There is a blog which is constantly being updated with the progress of the issue, as well as it’s legal and social aspects, http://digantar.blogspot.com/ (link).

Now, I’m not against private institutions built to make a profit. It’s great for people who can afford it (I benefited from it myself). But there’s no place for it if it’s destroying a wonderful school that’s benefiting hundreds of children in an area where there is no other choice or money. That would be more than a gross miscarriage of social justice.


Anonymous said...

This is sad, Sunil.

I have a question for you. These days, we see a lot of online petitions. Are they effective? I mean, how many people do those petitions reach? And, do the authorities concerned even look at these?

These are not rhetorical questions, but plain doubts.

Sunil said...

i don't know Vishnu. But it's something....even if its a small ripple in a big ocean, it's still something, or at least we hope its something.

Anonymous said...

On Online petitions, Vishnu: at the very least they help in spreading the word. They are like 'Open Letters', you know.

Anonymous said...

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