Monday, October 23, 2006

What's your worldview?

Regular blogging will resume on this blog in a day or two.

Meanwhile, what's your worldview?

Here's mine:

And here is where some famous world leaders would probably end up:

You can take the quiz here


Anonymous said...

Dalai Lama, a religious leader is much more pro-science than Deepak Chopra, a medical doctor...

Am I supposed to laugh out loud or waddle in agony?

Anonymous said...

Vishnu; the reason has to do more with the fact that Dalai Lama believes in his convictions, while our friend believes in (y)our gullibilty to make him a rich man...;) Yes, the situation is sad but true...

Sunil said... might be surprised, but Deepak Chopra is amongst the world's most prized idots, and an embarrassment to the medical community. For example, read this post on a frisking of an article of his where he says there are no such things as genes.

The Dalai lama on the other hand is a surprisingly open religious leader. I read his biography, and was more than surprised by his openness. He is on record saying that if science proves something against the faith, then the faith has to change to accept that.

Anonymous said...

Cool. You and I have similar views.



Sunil said...

amit....good for you :-)