Saturday, October 08, 2005

A tag, and some microfiction

There’s this silly but intriguing bit of blog tagging going on, and Suhail has tagged me with it. As per this tag, you dig out the 5th sentence of your 23rd post and post it. Well…..that seems like too much of an effort, so here’s some random sentence from some random ancient post.

”Out in Seattle suburbia, beyond Redmond or Issaquah, residents are surprised in winter by visiting deer, raiding their gardens. Possums are everywhere (notably as road kill), and wild hares run in the parks.”, from this post of mine.

If you’re interested in carrying out the meme, go for it!

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with a little bit of Micro-Fiction (the 55 kind) for today


General ‘Nella and his horde were ready. Their strength was growing by the minute, and now the army numbered in the thousands. The invasion was imminent, and it was going to be gory. “Take no prisoners”, he said.

“This pav-bhajji's awesome, but my stomach's rumbling” said Rajesh, as he spat in to the sewer.


Anonymous said...


Bet the non-bio people won't get it though ... took me a second too :)

Sunil said...

yeah.....but there're enough clues in there....methinks. :-)

Anonymous said...

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