Sunday, November 02, 2008

Goodbye, Anil

One of my all time favorite cricketers retired yesterday.

Goodbye Anil, and thanks for all those memories. For all those years in the '90s, and then the 2000s, you defined the best that was possible from an Indian cricketer. Polite, gentle, confident, untiring, committed, competitive, resolute, determined, and finally, magnificent.

I had written an article about Kumble a couple of years ago. Here it is again, for you to read. It still reads well, except now he retires with 619 wickets. Phenomenal.


Yayaver said...

he was one of the pillars of Indian cricket.he is live example of under estimated performers and falls in cateogary of sachins and sehawgs.years later we will realize his importance and give him the credit he really deserves.

Anonymous said...

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